Shoe And Bag Repairs

Shoe And Bag Repairs | Car Keys Oxenford | Car Keys Gold Coast

Shoe Repairs and Bag Repairs:


We offer a while u wait/shop, quality shoe and bag repair service of all kinds of repair including:
• Ladies and mens heels, soles and stillettos
• Gluing, stitching and patching
• Elastics and buckles
• Zips and orthopedic build-ups
• Rivets, press-studs and belt holes
• Shoe stretching

A wide range of shoe care is available including:
• Shoe polishes and brushes
• Shoe paints and dyes
• Insoles , heel grips and party feet
• Waterproofer, leather conditioner
• Shoe laces and shoe horns
• Suede/nubuck shampoo and super shines

Shoe Repairs:

  • Ladies and Mens heels and soles
  • Stitching, gluing, patching, elastics, buckles, zips, stretching, colour changes, orthopedic build-ups,
  • Shoe Care including polishes, brushes, Paints, laces, insoles, waterproofer