Pet Tag Engraving

Pet tag Engraving – For Peace of Mind

Whether you have a pampered pug, or a carefree Cavalier, the safety of your canine is very important.
Whilst all pets should be microchipped, why not look at getting an engraved pet tag so that if your pooch takes a stroll down to the neighbours, they’ll know who to call. An inexpensive pet tag can save you time, money, and heartache if your dog is ever lost.

Style and Safety on the Gold Coast

Your cat and/or dog are part of the family and protecting them is easy with an engraved pet tag from Speedie Shoe Repairs on the Gold Coast. Made from durable and long-lasting materials that are dribble-proof, your engraved pet tag will be a stylish addition to their fur coat.

You can buy a pet tag from Speedie Shoe Repairs on the Gold Coast, or you can bring in a pet tag of your choice to be engraved.

Engraving a Pet Tag

Whilst we never want to lose our pets, it’s nice to know that you’ve taken every precaution in the event of them going missing.

When engraving your pet tag, we recommend you include your address, in most cases a dog tends to stay close to their home, and your mobile number. Whilst it might be helpful for someone that is trying to return your dog, many people discourage engraving your dogs name on their tag, why make it easy for a dog-napper?

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