House Keys

Are you googling ‘key cutting near me on the Gold Coast’?

Look no further.

When it comes to your home, it houses some of your most sacred possessions, such as your photos, family heirlooms, not to mention your loved ones; and the one thing standing between you and entering your home, is a key.

We’re all had that sinking feeling as the door slams shut behind us and we realise, oh no, the house keys are locked inside. Don’t wait until you accidently lock your keys in to get an emergency key cut, get one done now.

Have you ever lost a key? It’s easily done, with our busy lifestyles, we’re always rushing from here to there, and it’s easy to misplace a small generic looking house key.

Everyone should have a spare house key. With key cutting being so cheap at Speedie Shoe Repairs, why take the risk?

What to do with your spare house key?

So, you’ve come down to Speedie Shoe Repairs on the Gold Coast, you’ve gotten your cheap house key cut, what next?

Some people give a spare key to a neighbour, friend or family member to look after, that way if they’re locked out, they can knock on their door and ask for the spare house key.

An outdoor rock hide-a-key is a small fake rock that holds your spare key, you can place it in your garden in case of an emergency and you’ll never be locked out again. Please be mindful of the safety and security implications to hiding a house key in plain sight.

Keep a spare house key in your car, so if you misplace it or lose your house key, you have a back-up.

Why do I need a spare house key?

What if your house key snaps? What would you do? You would potentially have to pay for a new lock, and the call out fee for a locksmith to come out and fix it for you; and Murphy’s law always means that it happens on Sundays and public holidays, so you end up paying more

A spare key is always handy when you have a guest come to stay. Why do the key juggle when you can have a spare house key ready for when you entertain?

House keys cut with a smile

Hi, I’m Col from Speedie Shoe Repairs on the Gold Coast. Come on down to Helensvale Plaza and get your house key cut while you wait, it will save you time, money and hassle in the long-run.

For all your house keys, cheap car keys, garage door remotes, watch repairs, engraving and shoe repairs, trust your local Gold Coast specialist.

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