Custom engraving on the Gold Coast

Engraving can take your gift to the next level. A heartfelt message engraved inside a watch, pendant or ring for example, can take a simple piece of jewellery and transform it into a cherished gift.
Beautiful hand engraving can give a stunning finishing touch to a gift, whereas computer engraving is perfect for a sports trophy.

Engraving services, at your service

There’s nothing like that feeling of winning a trophy as a child, that feeling of euphoria when all your hard work pays off, and an engraved trophy is a testament to all the effort you’ve put in.
Want to give your loved one a gift they can cherish forever. A hand engraved personalised message on a gift can earn you serious brownie points. At Speedie Shoe Repairs on the Gold Coast personalised engraving can be done on a variety of surfaces including silver engraving, metal engraving, glass, plastic, wood, ceramics, and more.

Personalised engraving on the Gold Coast

Not sure what to write for your personalised engraving message? As well as being a sentimental bloke, Col at Speedie Shoe Repairs has been engraving for 20 years, so he can help you with finding the perfect message.

Speedie Shoe Repairs have been recommended by many local jewellers including Prouds, Wallace Bishop, Angus and Coote, Zamels, Goldmark, Kleins and Michael Hill for engraving on all fine jewellery such as bracelets, pendants, watches, wedding rings, I.D. bracelets etc

Cheap car keys and much more

At Speedie Shoe Repairs on the Gold Coast we’re much more than engraving, for all your house keys, cheap car keys, garage door remotes, watch repairs, and shoe repairs, trust your local Gold Coast specialist.